One of the primary concerns following a nuclear war or acci­dent is exposure to radiation. While there are no "wonder drugs" currently available to combat radiation damage, some substances are now available which can reduce the damage by helping to remove the sources of the radiation from the body. The following information was gleaned from a number of sources as indicated.


The State of Tennessee began distributing potassium iodide tablets to all homes within a five-mile radius of the Sequoyah nuclear power plant in November 1981.

The tablets are intended to protect residents who might inhale radioactive iodine from a nuclear accident at the plant from having their thyroid glands absorb the substance - which could cause thyroid cancer or the formation of knots in the glands years later.

Source: Dayton Journal-HeraId, November 3, 1981 


Potassium iodide (medical: Lugot's Solution or potassium iodide saturated solution - SSKI) can be obtained in tablet form with a prescription. However, it is easier to buy the potassium iodide crystals from a chemical store and to make your own solution. The crystals store longer than the prepared tablets. Obtain the chemical reagent grade as it is purer than the medical potassium iodide.

Store potassium iodide in its dry crystalline form in dark bottles with non-metallic caps for maximum shelf-life. Mix the solution only when it is needed. An eye dropper will be useful for distribution.

To prepare a potassium iodide solution, fill a bottle to 60% with dry potassium iodide crystals and then pour in lukewarm water (sterile and pure) until it is 90% full. Cap the bottle and allow the crystals to dissolve (shaking helps). A few un-dissolved crystals will remain on the bottom.

Dosage of solution for an adult is 130 milligrams per day (about four drops) and half that for children under 1 year of age. The solution is very bitter so it should be mixed with food or other liquids, if possible.

Take the potassium iodide solution for about 100 days after the last nuclear explosion. Monitor possible side effects, such as goiter and nervousness, during use, particularly in children.

Source: Long Survival Newsletter, Volume 1, No. 1 (Reprinted with permission). First newsletter is just $ .50 and subsequent news­letters are free if occasional purchases are made. Long Survival Publications offers material not readily found elsewhere and is highly recommended as a source of realistic and practical infor­mation. Address: P.O. Box 163, Wamego, KS 66547.

NOTE: You may be able to obtain empty digestible capsules from a friendly druggist in which to put the solution in order to avoid the bitter taste.)


Bioflavonoid (Vitamin P) has been found to reduce the death rate in rats exposed to massive radiation.According to the Journal of Clinical Investigation, in two groups of rats given the same amount of X-ray radiation, 801 of the group given, no bioflavonoid died while only 10% of the group given bioflavonoid died. Source: Directions, August, 1980.


Sodium Alginate (more commonly called algin), is a natural extract from sea kelp and has been found to be effective in removing radioactive Strontium 90 from the body. Alginate attaches onto the Strontium 90 as it circulates in the body and excretes it with body wastes.

The Bureau of Radiological Health of the U.S. Public Health Service has found algin to be from 50% to 80% protective against Strontium 90. The Atomic Energy Commission stated that 10 grams of alginate per day is sufficient for maximum protection against radiation poisoning in humans.

Alginate is available in tablet or powder form. If you use tablets you will need to take 6 or 8 at intervals up to about 24 tablets per day (taken with plenty of water). If you use powdered alginate, you will need two big tablespoons 4 times a day and you will also need to wash it down with a lot of water. The best way to use alginate powder is to mix it with thick soups or stews. Source: Directions, October 1980.


Pectin found in apples has the ability to carry Strontium 90 out of the system. You will need to eat about 8 apples or take 36 pectin tablets per day to get the maximum effect. Source: Directions, October 1980


Dolomite tablets (which are high in calcium and magnesium) taken four times a day will work fairly well in removing Strontium 90 from the human body. Source: Directions: October 1980.


Brewers yeast should be taken along with anti-radiation sub­stances (because it helps to balance B vitamins, amino acids and minerals - brewers yeast has been called one of nature's most perfect foods.)
Source: Directions
: October 1980. 


Superoxide Dismutase is a blue-green enzyme which is more often called SOD. This protein occurs in cells which require oxygen, serving to detoxicate free radicals formed from oxygen. Similar free radicals are formed by radiation. SOD is now being sold in combination with another enzyme, catalase, which helps it complete its work more efficiently. It has been reported that SOD and catalase have a significant effect on the effects of radiation and helps in tolerating higher doses. 1-2 tablets daily, is the recommended dosage. Source: Directions, November 1980.


Niacin (Vitamin B3) is currently being used by the medical profession to help circulation problems and certain mental pro­blems. Claims have been made that it helps cure everything from arthritis to alcoholism. Niacin is reported to help flush Strontium 90 (which collects in the bones) and Iodine 13 (which collects in the blood) out of the body. (Niacin should not be confused with niacinamide - which is a form of niacin.) Source: How to Survive the Coming Depression by Al Fry.


Certain foods have been found to help the body resist or eliminate radiation. These include: Red Pepper, Citrus Fruit, Pith (especially lemons and grapefruit), Yogurt, Seeds (especially sesame), Vitamin E enriched foods and apples (pectin). Source: How to Survive the Coming Depression by Al Fry.


The Army reportedly has a new anti-radiation compound which is based on sulfur. It is called WR 2721.It apparently helps to shield all but active cancer tumor cells from the lethal effects of radiation. It is sometimes given to cancer patients before radiation treatment begins. X-rays can then destroy the tumor cells without damaging the surrounding tissue. Source: Literature from Al Fry. He has a quantity of literature available on a number of subjects. For further details contact him at the above address.


Real Dismuzyme is a biological product which counteracts the chromosome breakage which occurs when there is an excess of radiation. Source: Literature from Al Fry.


If you have been around a "health nut" for longer than a few minutes, you are aware of the benefits to your general health gained by supplementing your diet with a wide range and quantity of various vitamins and minerals. This is the same situation when it comes to reducing or eliminating the sources of radiation from the body. They appear to be much like Mother's chicken soup in that "it can't hurt" and could possibly make the difference in later years from radiation exposure. Also, they are fairly inexpensive and readily available.


While there are no "wonder drugs" for radiation treatment, there appear to be a number of vitamins, minerals, and chemical sub­stances which are reported to be of help in reducing or eliminating the sources of radiation from the body.

Many of the above named substances are available at a well stocked local health food store. You can also get the name and address of a number of mail-order vitamin and mineral companies from a copy of Prevention magazine (33 E. Minor St., Emmaus, PA 18049). Recommended is Lee Nutrition, 290 Main St., Cambridge, MA 02142.

Due to the low cost of the vitamins and minerals cited, it seems quite practical to add a quantity of them to your survival stockpile. Refrigerated storage is recommended.

(NOTE: Live Free, Inc. does not specifically endorse any substance for internal radiation reduction or elimination.)


- Nuclear War Survival by Duncan Long; Long Survival Publications, P.O. Box 163, Wamego, KS 66547.



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