Country Breakfast
General Use, Long Storage & Trial Pack

Country Breakfast


Want to make a smaller portion? No problem. Few people really need to make 250 servings at a time - (although that's exactly what our institutional accounts need). Just read the instructions beneath the table at right to make a medium potful.
  Codes 2510-2511
  Components Serv. Size (oz.)
Dry Wt. By % Dry Prepared
Sauce 17.58 75% 1.125 5.06
Protein 5.86 25% 0.375 1.50
Total 23.44 100% 1.500 6.56
To make a medium potful: You can either purchase our 9 oz. "trial pak version" of this product (Code 2512), or remove the following from either our General or Y2K (Code 2510 and 2511 respectively) version: 6.5 oz. (about 1 cup) of the sauce and 2.5 oz. (about a half cup) and cook in 5 cups of water for about 25 minutes. See instructions on product label for more information.